Ride Closures and Refurbishments

Walt Disney World:
Park Closures and Refurbishments Update

Listed below is the attraction closure & refurbishment schedule as of 7/18/2015.  It is always a good idea to ask your agent (aka myself) for an updated list prior to traveling.

Please be advised that refurbishment information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to visiting.


Disney Parks


Water Parks:

Although no current refurbishments are listed for the water parks, when observing the park hours listed on Disney’s site I do notice that both water parks are closed for refurbishments during the fall / winter.

Blizzard Beach: 10/25/15 – 1/2/16
Typhoon Lagoon: 1/3/16 – End of February and beyond?

Resort Refurbishments:

There are 2 major Resort Refurbishments going on at this time.  The Polynesian continues to be under construction and October 2nd, 2015 the Wilderness Lodge will begin multiple refurbishment projects that will last until sometime in 2017.


Downtown Disney:


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by Melissa Mathies

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